IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization
24-28 June 2019 // Paris, France


The IEEE Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft 2019) will feature 4 workshops that will be held June 24 (PVE-SDN and SecSoft) and June 28 (ETSN and S4SI) in conjunction with the main conference. All but ETSN 2019 are full-day events.

Monday June 24, 2019
  • 3rd Workshop on Performance Issues in Virtualized Environments and Software Defined Networking (PVE-SDN 2019).
  • 1st Workshop on Cyber-Security Threats, Trust and Privacy Management in Software-Defined and Virtualized Infrastructures (SecSoft 2019).
Friday June 28, 2019
  • 2nd Workshop on Emerging Trends in Softwarized Networks (ETSN 2019).
  • 2nd Workshop on Advances in Slicing for Softwarized Infrastructures (S4SI 2019).

The full program of each workshop is currently being established, and will be available in each workshop website. In the meantime the list of accepted papers is as follows:

Papers Workshops

PVE-SDN 2019

  • Extending TCP for Accelerating Replication on Cluster File Systems over SDNs
  • Interference Aware Network Function Selection Algorithm for Next Generation Networks
  • On Optimizing Backup Sharing Through Efficient VNF Migration
  • QoE-Aware Real-Time Multimedia Streaming in SD-WANs
  • Network Slicing Optimization in Large Scale LoRa Wide Area Networks
  • Optimal Cache Placement and Migration for Improving the Performance of Virtualized SAND
  • Performance Evaluation on Virtualization Technologies for NFV Deployment in 5G Networks
  • Run-time Performance Monitoring, Verification, and Healing of End-to-End Services
  • SDRBench: A Software-Defined Radio Access Network Controller Benchmark
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem in a containerized environment: availability and sensitivity evaluation

SecSoft 2019

  • A Novel Impact Analysis Approach for SDN-based Networks
  • A proposal for trust monitoring in a Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure
  • Towards protected VNFs for multi-operator service delivery
  • Secure Edge Computing with Lightweight Control-Flow Property-based Attestation
  • A Survey on Honeypots, Honeynets And Their Applications On Smart Grid
  • Data Protection by Design for cybersecurity systems in a Smart Home environment
  • Blockchain Solutions for Forensic Evidence Preservation in IoT Environments

S4SI 2019

  • Mininet-NFV: Evolving Mininet with OASIS TOSCA NVF profiles Towards Reproducible NFV Prototyping
  • Reorchestration: a reactive orchestration architecture
  • Interworking of softwarized infrastructures for enabling 5G multi-site slice orchestration
  • Key Performance Indicators for 5G network slicing
  • SliceNet Control Plane for 5G Network Slicing in Evolving Future Networks
  • A Marketplace-based Approach to Cloud Network Slice Composition Across Multiple Domains
  • A Study of Slice-Aware Service Assurance for Network Function Virtualization
  • Optimized Service Chain Placement Using Genetic Algorithm

ETSN 2019

  • P4I/O: Intent-Based Networking with P4
  • An Experimental Evaluation of Flow Setup Latency in Distributed Software Defined Networks
  • A Deep Learning Approach to VNF Resource Prediction using Correlation between VNFs